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We all need help sometimes, and there is never any shame in seeking assistance when you need it. Be brave enough to stand up and say that you or a loved one needs help. We will be there for you in every way possible.


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We are here for you to help you succeed in any way possible. You can depend on our friendly staff and our flexible schedules during evenings and weekends. We also have a comfortable and informal office for your convenience.

Counseling available for teens, families, and individuals

  • Clinical depression

  • Gambling – No fee gambling addiction counseling

  • Family issues

Whether you are tackling a gambling addiction, need help with a child who is acting out, or helping a loved one through a difficult time, you can rely on our friendly staff.

Call our office today to schedule an appointment. We're available during evenings and weekends.


Greg Tilton, M.E.d, LCPC, NBCC graduated from Montana State University Northern. He has been a licensed counselor since 1999. He brings his passion and more than 15 years of experience together to lead our compassionate team.

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  • Children and adolescent counseling

  • Attachment issues

  • Parenting styles

  • Pet-assisted therapy

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